Govart (Govert van der Heijden - 1985) is a Rotterdam based illustrator and artist. His work is characterized by the graphic look and fine details. Govart's illustrations are made digitally, but he also paints on canvas.
Besides Govart's great passion for his work, he is a big fan of arthouse movies, the stranger the better. Govart loves to photograph during trips around the globe to countries such as China, Cuba or Vietnam. He is especially interested in taking pictures of dense metropoles housing millions of people in huge skyscrapers. 
A side project is Art of Rotterdam where Govart depicts his hometown in various ways on paper, canvas and digitally. Take a look at the website: www.artofrotterdam.com

He is currently combining a parttime job as an illustrator at a design company with freelance assignments for small and big companies.

Selected clients:
ING Bank | KPN Telecom | ABN AMRO Bank | Codarts | APM Terminals | Oefenweb | Tinqwise | Wolters Kluwer Publishers | Gemeente Doetinchem | Rotterdamse Tandartsen Vereniging | University of Amsterdam | Erasmus MC-Sophia
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